how to treat gout in the big toe

gout in toe

Oww! Does your big toe feel like it is about to split open ? Gout can be an highly uncomfortable pain in the toe. It generally presents itself first and foremost in the big toe area, although other joints can be affected.

The product of the body that causes gout is uric acid which is also responsible for making kidney stones. Uric acid is formed in the blood stream, and if the body does not get rid of the acid, crystals can form and settle in the joints and cause inflammation .

If you are asking how to treat gout at home, there are many home remedies for gout. The primary objective of these remedies is to get rid of the uric acid from your body . Here are several of the most common home remedies on how to treat gout.

* Consuming fruit and natural foods could also help in the attempt of treating gout.

* Consuming the right foods and staying away from foods such as red meat, egg, coffee, tea, and canned foods.

* Drink a lot of water. To flush the system, you should drink 6 to 8 glasses of lemon water daily.

* Fresh cherries are a treatment for gout, and eating up to 20 cherries daily can have a positive affect.

When avoiding gout, dieting is the most important. Avoiding alcohol, especially beer, in addition to avoiding the foods that make uric acid will absolutely help. Treating gout is an ongoing and lifelong task; however, managing the attacks could be beneficial in preventing long-term damage to the joints.

In addition to the solutions for gout mentioned above, anti-inflammatory drugs could be taken to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by the condition.